Lemon Jelly.

Take one ounce gelatine, cover with one pint cold water, let stand for one hour. Add one pint of hot water and juice of three lemons; sweeten to taste and let boil; strain and set away to cool.

For orange jelly, omit the lemon juice, slice four oranges, and place in a glass jar. Pour gelatine over and eat cold.

Strawberry Charlotte.

Make boiled custard of one quart of milk, yolks of three eggs, three-fourths cup sugar. Place in fruit dish, pieces of cake dipped in sweet cream, lay upon this ripe strawberries sweetened to taste, and alternate layers of cake and berries. When the custard is cold pour over it cake and berries. Beat whites of eggs to stiff froth, add three tablespoonfuls of sugar and place on top of custard.

Tapioca Cream.

Soak over night two tablespoonfuls tapioca in one-half teacup milk (or enough to cover), bring one quart milk to boiling point. Beat well together the yolks of three eggs, one-half cup sugar, one teaspoonful vanilla or lemon for flavoring. Add tapioca and stir the whole into boiling milk, let boil, turn into dish, and immediately turn on the well-beaten whites. Serve cold.