Cabinet Pudding.

Cream together a quarter pound butter and a pound and a half of sugar. Add the beaten yolks of five eggs, and a half pound of flour moistened with a cup of milk, alternately with the whites. Add lastly a half pound seeded and cut raisins, a quarter pound currants, and the juice and grated rind of half a lemon, well dredged with flour. Cook for two and a half hours in a buttered mold. Serve hot with cabinet-pudding sauce.

This sauce is made as follows: Rub together a cup of sugar and a tablespoonful of butter, add the well-beaten yolks of four eggs, the juice and half the grated peel of a lemon, and a teaspoonful of cinnamon. Beat ten minutes, add a glass of wine, and stir hard. Set in boiling water and beat while heating, but do not let it boil.

Cottage Pudding.

Rub together a cup of sugar and a tablespoonful of butter. Beat in the yolks of two eggs, then add a cup of milk, a teaspoonful of salt, half one of soda, and the beaten whites, and enough of flour to make a moderately thick batter.

To the flour add a teaspoonful of cream of tartar. Bake in a buttered mold, cut in slices, and eat with sauce.

Bread Crumb Pudding.

Take one cup bread crumbs and half cup sugar, put them into a pint of scalded milk, add two tablespoonfuls butter, the rind and half the juice of a lemon. Beat the yolks of two eggs and stir the mixture into them. Bake in a buttered dish about thirty minutes, or until thick and brown. Cool and spread a meringue of the beaten whites, half cup pulverized sugar and the remainder of the lemon juice on the top. Brown in the oven and serve hot or cold.

Bread-and-Butter Pudding.

Cut thin slices of stale bread, butter thickly and sprinkle with sugar. Fit neatly into a buttered pudding dish until half full. Lay on top a plate to keep them from floating, and pour in a custard made of three cups of hot milk, four beaten eggs, and nearly a cup of sugar. Season with vanilla and nutmeg. Let soak for fifteen minutes, then remove the plate and put in the oven. If the bread still inclines to float, hold it down with a fork until the custard thickens. Eat cold. Layers of currants improve this.