Beef Tea.

One pound of lean beef cut fine, put in a glass fruit jar, without water, cover tightly and set in a pot of cold water. Heat gradually to a boil and keep hot for three or four hours, until the meat is light-colored and the juice is all drawn out. Season with pepper and salt.

Invalid's Cream Hash.

Boil a good lean, tender, piece of beef until well done; chop fine two tablespoonfuls of the meat; roll four crackers fine, salt and pepper. Mix all together, cover with sweet cream, set in the stove and heat.

Barley Water.

Put a large tablespoonful of pearl barley in a pitcher, pour over it boiling water, cover and let stand till cold, then drain off the water, sweeten to taste. If desired add the juice of a lemon and grated nutmeg.

Broiled Oysters.

Select large oysters. Lightly grease with butter a wire broiler, place oysters on it and broil over hot coals, watching them closely as they cook quickly. When the edges begin to look ruffled turn them and in a short time they will be done. Have ready a slice of bread nicely toasted and buttered slightly. Place the oysters on it, salt, pepper and butter slightly. Let stand in oven a minute or two. This is a most tempting dish for a sick person.