Oyster Toast.

Take six oysters, strain off the liquor, add to it one-half cup milk. When hot add the oysters; boil one minute. Season with butter, salt and pepper. Then pour over hot buttered toast and serve.

Flax Seed Tea.

To one tablespoonful of flax seed add one pint of cold water. Boil slowly for one hour; add sugar to taste and the juice of one lemon. Very good for a cough.


Heat two quarts of perfectly fresh milk to 165 degrees. Boil together two tablespoonfuls of sugar and two of water; add this to the milk. When it has cooled to too degrees, add one-third of a yeast cake dissolved in warm milk. Mix by pouring from one vessel to another. Bottle, cork and tie. Stand upright in a moderately cool place (60 degrees) for twelve hours; then turn the bottles on their sides in a cool place (40 degrees to 50 degrees) for twenty-four hours, and it is ready for use. Open with a syphon.

Cooling Drinks in Fever.

Crush a bunch of Malaga grapes, pour over them one pint of hot water; let stand until cold. Or pour one-half pint of boiling water over one tablespoonful of currant jelly, and stir until jelly is dissolved. Other jellies are good prepared in like manner.