Soft Gingerbread.

One-half cup of lard, one cup each of milk and sugar, two of molasses, one teaspoonful soda, two tablespoonfuls cinnamon, and one of ginger. Stir butter, sugar, molasses and spice together, add the milk and soda, and, lastly, about five cups of flour. Beat hard, and bake into a loaf, or in small tins. Some seeded raisins will improve. Add these last.

Ginger Crackers.

Take one pint molasses, one cup of shortening, and one of sugar, with ginger and cinnamon to taste. Add flour enough to make a soft dough. Roll very thin, cut into small cakes, and bake in a quick oven. For plain cookies use only one-half cup shortening.

Ginger Snaps.

One cup each of sugar, molasses and lard, one egg, one tablespoonful ginger, one tablespoonful vinegar, dissolving in the vinegar one teaspoonful soda. Use no milk or water. Mix in seven cups flour and knead. Roll out in any shape desired and bake in quick oven.