Vanilla Ice Cream.

One quart of cream, one pint of milk, two cups sugar, one tablespoonful vanilla, white of one egg, beaten; strain cream. For peach ice cream leave out vanilla and add one quart of peaches, mashed fine, after cream is partly frozen.

Put the mixture into a can with a tight cover and stand it in a pail. Pack the ice and salt around it, beat the cream, and turn the can back and forth, opening it once in five minutes to scrape the cream from the sides of the can and stir thoroughly. It should freeze in twenty minutes.

Strawberry Ice Cream.

One quart cream, one pound sugar, one and a half quarts strawberries; put one teacup new milk and half the sugar on to boil in a double boiler; when sugar is dissolved set aside to cool; rub the berries through a colander, and then add the remaining half of the sugar to them; pour the sweetened milk and cream into the freezer and freeze; when nearly done add the berries and beat thoroughly.

Banana Ice Cream.

Remove the peel from eight ripe bananas, mash them into a pulp, then beat them thoroughly with one quart of cream. Sweeten and freeze the same as ordinary cream. The bananas may be grated or chopped fine.

Chocolate Ice Cream.

Melt one and one-half squares Baker's Chocolate and dilute with hot water to pour easily, add one quart thin cream; then add one cup sugar, a sprinkle of salt, and one tablespoonful vanilla, and freeze.