Boiled Frosting.

Take one cup granulated sugar, one-half cup water, one eighth teaspoonful cream of tartar, mix together and cook without stirring until the liquid, when dropped from a spoon, will thread. Beat the whites of two eggs. Remove the mixture from the fire, and when cool pour it slowly upon the whites of eggs, beating all the while. Continue beating until the mixture is a thick, creamy mass; then spread it over the cake.

Egg Frosting.

Beat the white of an egg until light. Then beat into it, gradually , enough powdered sugar to make a soft dough. Add one-quarter teaspoonful lemon extract, or one teaspoonful lemon or orange juice, or one-quarter teaspoonful vanilla, and spread it on the cake.

One tablespoonful melted chocolate, or one tablespoonful desiccated cocoanut may be mixed with it. The yolk of the egg may be used instead of the white to make Sunshine Frosting.

Plain Frosting.

Mix one cup sugar and a tablespoonful lemon or orange juice; stir in enough boiling milk or water to make a soft dough. Spread it over the cake. This may be varied by adding different ingredients as in the preceding recipes.