Pickled Beets.

Boil until quite soft; when cool cut lengthwise to size of small cucumbers, boil equal parts vinegar and sugar with half a tablespoonful ground cloves, tied in a cloth, to each gallon; pour boiling hot over the beets.

Pickled Onions.

Peel the onions, cook in salt water till they begin to get tender. Take out of water and drain, pack in cans, take enough hot vinegar to cover them, add sugar and spices to taste.

Pickled Cauliflower.

Break three heads in small clusters, lay in salted water three minutes, then drain, use small onions if liked. Boil one quart cider vinegar, and one cup sugar together. Mix mustard, celery seeds or spices to suit taste. Put in jars, pour over vinegar while hot, seal.

Pickled Cabbage.

Chop cabbage fine, take enough for one-half gallon can, put in tablespoonful of salt, let stand over night, drain and add two tablespooonfuls of mustard seed, one pod of red pepper and horseradish. Mix well, then put in can, press tightly; then pour over cabbage enough vinegar to cover, seal in glass self-sealers

Chow Chow.

Take six cucumbers just before they ripen, peel and cut in strips and remove the seed, four white onions, six good-sized heads of cabbage, chop all fine; let them stand in salt water over night. Then pour off the water, and add vinegar and spices to suit taste.