Tomato Pickles.

Slice thin one gallon green tomatoes, salt and let stand over night; next morning drain, chop one gallon cabbage, grate one quart horseradish. Put tomatoes on in vinegar, boil until tender, pour over cabbage, let stand till cool, and drain. Mix horseradish, celery, mustard seed and mixed spices; then boil vinegar and sugar and pour over them.


One peck green tomatoes, one dozen onions, six red peppers, one-half ounce ginger, one-quarter of an ounce of mace, one tablespoonful black pepper, one box of mustard, five cents' worth of celery seed, one pound of brown sugar; slice onions, tomatoes, and peppers, put in a jar with salt, mix well, let stand twenty-four hours; drain off and boil in vinegar (after adding the spices) until clear.

Mixed Pickles.

One-fourth peck green tomatoes, twelve large pickles, three dozen small pickles, eight large onions, two heads cauliflower, one pint small green beans, one pint salt. Place in jar, let stand over night, rinse in cold water. Take equal parts vinegar and water, put in the ingredients, boil until tender (about ten minutes), drain, put three quarts vinegar, one pound brown sugar, one-half pound mustard seed, five cents' worth turmeric, one-fourth pound ground mustard, four tablespoonfuls black pepper, one ounce celery seed. Let come to a boil, put in jar and seal.