Pudding Sauce.

One cup boiling water, one tablespoonful corn starch, one-fourth cup butter, one cup sugar, one egg, one-fourth nutmeg, one or two tablespoonfuls of jelly. Wet the corn starch in cold water, stir into boiling water, boil ten minutes. Rub butter and sugar to a cream, add the egg well beaten and nutmeg. Add jelly to the corn starch, and pour this in the egg mixture, and stir rapidly until they are thoroughly blended.

Lemon Sauce.

Mix one-half cup sugar and one tablespoonful corn starch; add slowly one cup boiling water, stirring carefully; boil until transparent; remove from fire. Add four tablespoonfuls of butter, two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice, and a little nutmeg.

Cold Cream Sauce.

Beat together one cup sugar and one half cup butter, and add a cup rich cream. Stir all to a cream; flavor with vanilla or lemon, and let get very cold before serving.

Plain Cream Sauce.

One pint cream, three ounces brown sugar, and half of a small nutmeg grated.

Hard Sauce.

Cream one-half cup butter, work in one cup pulverized sugar gradually, and add two tablespoonfuls lemon juice or one tablespoonful lemon juice and one tablespoonful vanilla. Beat until foamy. Serve with hot pudding.