Cherry Roll.

Seed one quart fruit, sweeten to taste, let it simmer in its own juice until quite thick, pour one quart of milk over a loaf of grated bread, beat three eggs very light, and add the milk, with a little flour and large lump of butter melted. Put the cherries inside the batter and stir well. Steam in cups or baking powder cans two hours.

Apple Roll.

One pint flour, one and one-half tablespoonfuls butter, pinch of salt, add water to make a soft dough, roll one-half inch thick; chop two large apples fine, spread over the cake, roll up, fasten, place in pan to bake. Pour over this one and one-half pints of boiling water, one cup sugar, one-half cup butter. Cover pan, bake one hour, basting often with sauce. For small family use one-half of recipe.

Apple Tapioca.

Pick over and wash three-quarters cup tapioca or sago and soak about one hour. Pour on a quart of hot water, cook till clear; stir often, add salt. Prepare and core six apples, slice or put them whole into a buttered baking-dish, sprinkle sugar and spice over them, and turn in the tapioca. Bake till the apples are soft; flavor with cinnamon and nutmeg. Serve with cream or milk and sugar. Peaches may be used instead of apples.