Apple Salad.

Take one-third more apples than celery (chopped), put in as many English walnuts or hickorynuts as you like. Dressing; Yolks of three eggs, beaten, one teaspoonful mustard, two teaspoonfuls of salt, one-fourth saltspoonful of cayenne, two tablespoonfuls sugar, one tablespoonful butter, one cup cream, one-half cup of hot vinegar. Whites of three eggs, beaten stiff; cook in a double boiler until it thickens like soft custard.

Cabbage Salad.

Two quarts of chopped cabbage, two level tablespoonfuls white sugar, one of black pepper, one of mustard. Rub yolks of three hard-boiled eggs until smooth. Add two tablespoonfuls butter, slightly warmed. Mix with cabbage and add one teacup good vinegar. Serve with whites of eggs, cut in rings and placed on salad. Salt to taste.

Cold Slaw with Cream Dressing.

Slice cabbage fine, season with salt. Make a dressing of one-half cup whipped cream, two tablespoonfuls sugar, four of vinegar and pour over cabbage.

Cold Slaw.

Chop cabbage fine, then put in a crock, add sugar, salt and pepper to taste; mash all together with a potato masher until juicy; add either sweet or sour cream to make real moist, and vinegar to suit taste.