Cooked Slaw.

One small head of cabbage cut fine; put one tablespoonful butter in a skillet; when melted, stir in the cabbage. Mix the yolk of one egg, one-third cup vinegar, a little mustard, sugar and salt, pour on the cabbage and heat, then serve.

Lettuce with Cream Dressing.

Carefully look over and wash lettuce, and tear in pieces. To two tablespoonfuls fresh meat fryings add one tablespoonful flour, while hot add one cup sour cream, salt and pepper, stir rapidly until it thickens, then pour over lettuce and stir very little, dish up and lay slices of hard-boiled eggs over the top. Sugar or vinegar may be added at the table.

Nut Salad.

Mix one cup chopped English walnut meats, with two cups celery or shredded lettuce leaves; arrange on lettuce, and serve with Mayonnaise dressing.

Potato Salad.

Slice thin, eight cold boiled potatoes, and cover with a dressing made as follows : Yolk of one hard-boiled egg, mashed fine, one teaspoonful of mixed mustard, four tablespoonfuls of melted butter, four tablespoonfuls of vinegar, salt and pepper. Finely chopped onion may be added.

Fruit Salad.

To one package Plymouth Rock gelatine, add a pint of cold water, the juice of four lemons, the grated rind of one. Let stand one hour. Add one pint boiling water, two cups sugar. Let boil and strain through a cloth into a mold. When about to congeal stir in fruit. One pound white grapes, seeded, one-half pound candied pineapple, one-half pound candied cherries, cut in pieces. Let stand on ice to cool and harden, then serve.

Potato Salad.

Boil four or six potatoes, cut in thin slices, pour the hot dressing over and let it stand until cold. Two tablespoons chopped celery may be mixed with the potatoes, and one teaspoon onion juice may be stirred into the dressing after it is cooked. Serve in the same manner as the meat salads. Sliced boiled beets are some times added.