A table should be made to look as neat and attractive as possible.

Dust the table, and lay evenly on it a cloth of felt-flannel or cotton-flannel. Spread the tablecloth evenly over this. The undercloth prevents the dishes from making a noise, preserves the tablecloth and gives the table a better appearance.

The tablecloth should be laid with the hemmed edges underneath, and the lines in the cloth parallel with edges of the table.

The knife is placed at the right hand, with the sharp edge turned to the left; and the fork at the left hand with the prongs pointing upward. A spoon is placed to the right of the knife and the napkin to the left of the fork. All these articles should be about two inches from the edge of the table. The tumbler is placed at the end of the knife blade and the butter plate at the end of the fork. When bread and butter plates are used, place one at the left of each fork.