Proceed as directed above, with the addition of the carving knife and fork at the right hand of the one who carves, and with the salt and pepper bottles together near the ends or opposite corners of the table.

Arrange the tea or coffee service around the place of the one who is to serve it. Put

the tea or coffee-pot on a stand at the right side, with the handle toward the right; next the cream pitcher, with the handle to the right; then the sugar bowl and spoon-holder. At the left hand arrange the cups and saucers.

When mush or breakfast food is used, place a tablespoon, with the handle toward the right, in front of the one who is to serve, and saucers to the left of the tablespoon. The mush, in a covered dish, should stand directly in front of the one who serves it.

The butter should be placed near some one who can conveniently serve it, and the butter-knife in front of the dish, with the handle at the right.

In serving meat, place the platter before the one who is to carve, with the pile of hot plates directly in front or at the left of the carver.

Plates containing hot muffins or rolls should be at opposite ends of the table.

The supper table is arranged similarly to the breakfast table.