Where bread is baked regularly say once or twice a week or oftener you will find this yeast to be a good one.

One medium size or two small potatoes.

Three tablespoons flour.

Three tablespoonful sugar.

One tablespoon salt.


Add enough water to make two quarts.

Peel and wash potato, boil in sufficient water until soft, take potato out and put in another bowl or vessel, letting water cool, thoroughly wash the potato, add flour and mix, add sugar and mix, add salt and mix, to this add the water the potato was boiled in and mix, dissolve one yeast cake in about half pint water (any brand of yeast will do,) (this is only to get the new yeast dissolved to ferment) add the dissolved yeast, then add enough water to make two quarts more or less of yeast, the temperature should be blood warm in cold weather and luke warm in warm weather, let yeast stand nine to twelve hours when it will be ready for use.

The above is for the start or first time you make the yeast. For making the yeast the second time and thereafter observe the following: Just before you use the yeast take out one pint, (for convenience put it in pint self sealer and keep in cool, dry place) then when you make your yeast the second time put in the pint you took out and saved instead of the yeast cake.

Always save out one pint to put in the next making.

You will find it very convenient if you will make this yeast at night and let set until next morning when it will be ready to use.