Take half pound hops and boil in little more than two quarts water until hops begin to sink, put a quart of good flour, one-half cup sugar, one-fourth cup salt in a basin, strain the liquor from the hops into the flour, sugar and salt, boiling hot and stir it. If too thin add enough flour to make a stiff batter; be sure the flour is well scalded, or it will not keep as long. When luke warm mix into it three to six cakes of dry yeast dissolved in a little water, number of cakes depending on the size or two ounces compressed yeast dissolved in a little water. Cover it and let stand about twelve hours or until it has risen and fallen, then mix in enough cornmeal to make a dough and let it rise again, then roll out about half an inch thick and cut into two and a half inch squares, and dry in the sun. It will take three to five days to dry, and must be turned every day and taken in in the evening. It will then be ready for use.