One pound good butter.

One pound, two ounces of flour.

One pound of sultana raisins.

One teaspoonful good mixed spices.

Half pound each of sliced citron, orange and lemon peels.

One pound sugar.

Ten eggs.

One-half pound blanched almonds chopped.

One teaspoonful ground ginger.

One cupful cleaned currants.

Cream the butter, eggs and sugar, adding the ginger and spices while creaming, when creamed, add the flour and half mix; then add all but the currants, mix lightly but thoroughly, when about mixed add the currants. When mixed put it into a round cake tin, which has been well prepared side and bottom, let the paper stand up an inch above the tin, smooth the mixture level and bake in a slow heat. It will take about four hours to bake this cake. When half baked put a sheet of paper over it, this is to keep it from getting too much color. When you think it is baked draw it gently to the front and stick a broom straw or wire in it, then take it out, if it comes out clean and smooth the cake is baked, if any of the mixture sticks it shows the cake is not fully baked, return to the oven as gently as possible. When baked, let cool, pull off the paper, and cut off the rough places with a sharp knife and ice.