Angel Food

Fourteen ounces flour. Fourteen ounces powdered sugar. Three-fourths teaspoonful cream of tartar. Whites of twenty-four eggs. Flavoring, any kind. Sift the flour and cream of tartar together six to ten times, whip the eggs very stiff, when stiff add the sugar a little at a time and thoroughly whip in, then add the flavoring, add the flour and fully but lightly mix it in. Bake in the regular angel food cake tins. The tins for this must be well cleaned and free from any roughness, and must not be greased, fill so the pan will be almost full when baked. When baked turn upside down, if cake does not drop out by the time it is cold take knife and run around the edge and give a gentle shake.

Angel Food. No. 2

One pound powdered sugar. One pound flour.

Whites of twenty eggs.

Half ounce cream of tartar.

Two teaspoonful vanilla.

Beat the egg whites very stiff, add the flavoring and thoroughly whip in, sift the sugar, flour and cream of tartar eight times and mix in fully but lightly, fill your prepared moulds and bake in a moderate oven. When cold brush off the crumbs and ice with any good icing, and color to suit yourself.

Angel Cake

One and one-half cups granulated sugar.

One cupful flour.

Whites of eleven eggs.

Two teaspoonful vanilla.

One even teaspoonful cream of tartar.

Sift the sugar, flour and cream of tartar eight to fen times, beat the white of eggs very stiff, adding a pinch of salt to them before commencing, mix the flavoring into the eggs, then mix the flour in, mixing fully but lightly. Do not whip the flour in. Do not grease the moulds, they should be clean and free from grease. Fill your mould and bake in moderate oven, when cold ice with a good icing.