Two cupfuls of corn meal. One cupful of rye meal. One cupful of graham flour. One cupful of white flour. One teaspoon salt. Two tablespoon baking powder. One-half cup molasses. One quart of buttermilk or sour milk. One-half teaspoon soda. Put corn meal, rye meal and graham flour in bowl, put baking powder into white flour and sift into bowl, add salt and mix all together, dissolve soda and molasses in milk, add and mix well, it should be about the stiffness of muffins.

If fresh milk is used instead of sour milk use more baking powder and no soda.

Put in well greased deep tins with cover, fill them almost half full. Set in a pan with inch and a half water in it, put in stove, and bake about three and a half hours, when about half baked, let stove cool down a little. Or bake in a steamer.