One pound good butter.

One pound powdered sugar.

One pound flour.

One pound currants, cleaned and dried.

Twelve eggs.

Heaping teaspoonful each of ground ginger, cinnamon and mixed spices.

Lemon flavoring.

One pound mixed citron, lemon and orange peel.

Half pound figs cut fine.

Half pound dried cherries.

One pound raisins, stoned.

Cream the butter and sugar, beat the whites and yolks separately, and add to the creamed butter and sugar, add next the cinnamon, ginger, spices and flavoring, mix thoroughly, put the fruit in the flour and mix, then add, mixing in very lightly but thoroughly, grease mould and line with two or three thicknesses of paper greasing the paper with unsalted butter, bake in a slow oven until done, decorate to suit yourself.