Two pounds good butter.

Two pounds powdered sugar.

Two and one-fourth pounds flour.

Eighteen eggs.

One-fourth pound each of citron, lemon and orange peel.

One pound chopped almonds.

Tablespoonful good mixed spices.

Two pounds of seedless or stoned raisins chopped.

One pound chopped figs.

Teaspoonful ground ginger.

One-fourth pound cleaned currants.

One teaspoonful lemon extract.

Cream the butter and sugar, put the eggs in two at a time, thoroughly whipping them in with a good stiff egg whip, add the ground ginger, lemon extract and mixed spices, and mix thoroughly, add the chopped peel and the chopped almonds and mix, (the almonds should be skinned, soaking them a few minutes in hot water will make the skin slip off easy, then brown in the oven, when cool chop.) The fruit should be drenched in the flour and the flour shook off as much as possible, add the fruit and mix, then add the flour, and mix in very lightly but thoroughly. Line mould with several thicknesses of paper well greased with unsalted butter. This cake should be baked in a slow heat, a cake seven to nine pounds in weight, will take four and a half to six hours to bake according to the heat. When done ice and decorate in any style you may wish.