Make sponge same as for bread or rolls, when sponge is light. To each quart of sponge add three-fourths cup sugar, three-fourths cup butter, tablespoon salt, four eggs or seven yolks, mix well, then mix in enough flour to make soft dough, when light turn out on floured bread board and roll out half inch thick, put in pan, when light wash with milk or cream, sprinkle with sugar and powder with cinnamon. If you like flavoring you can put in lemon extract to suit.

To make raisin coffee cake add raisins to the above.

Doughnuts With Yeast

Make dough same as coffee cake using same ingredients. But make the dough stiffer, when light, turn out on well floured bread board, roll out with rolling pin one-half inch thick, cut into squares or what ever shape you wish, or use doughnut cutter, set in warm place let rise, when light fry in hot grease, dip in sugar and powder with cinnamon.