Corn Mixture

Pop your corn and sieve it with a sifter that has holes large enough to let the unpoped corn fall through. Then place in your kettle one pound of sugar, put on just enough water to start it to boiling, let boil a little while then add one cupful molasses, let boil until it ropes from a spoon or gets hard when dropped in water, then take from the fire and add tablespoonful butter, then stir in your poped corn and a little salt, stir in all the popcorn you can, then set your kettle on fire to warm slightly, turn out on slab and shape into squares or balls just as you like.

Salted Almonds

Soak the almonds in warm water, then take the skin off, set in a warm place and let thoroughly dry. Put about half cup butter in a sauce pan and set on fire, when hot put in about one pound of almonds and stir them until a light brown color, then take them out and allow the butter to drain off, then mix them in dry salt, then sift off the excess salt and set away to cool and dry.

Nut Candy

Put two cups of brown sugar in a sauce pan, add a little water and set on the fire and let come to a boil, add a small piece of butter and let cook until it gets hard when you drop a little in cold water, then add one teaspoonful vanilla and the nuts remove from the fire and whip until it begins to get cold, then put into greased plates and set aside to cool.

Vanilla Sugar Candy

Put two cups granulated sugar and half cup vinegar in sauce pan and let cook. You must be careful and cook it just right, to test it drop a little in a half cup cold water from time to time when it gets hard and will just snap into without stringing, it is done. Take from the fire and add two teaspoonful vanilla, pour into buttered plates and let cool just a little, then take it out of the plates and pull it until white and cold.