Peanut Candy

Take two pounds of brown sugar and put in pan add just a little water, set on fire and let come to a boil, then add one pound peanuts, let cook until when you drop some of it in cold water you can chew it without sticking to your mouth, then stir in a little soda. But be sure there are no lumps in the soda. Pour into greased plates and allow to cool.

Peanut Candy. No. 2

Take two cups brown sugar and put in pan, add a little water and set on the stove where it is not very hot, until the sugar is dissolved, then push to a hot place and let come to a boil, add a little piece of butter and one cupful peanuts, let boil until it ropes from the spoon, then take from the fire and whip it as fast as you can and until it is almost cold, then put in buttered plates and let cool.