Chocolate Layer Cake,

Two cups sugar.

Half cup butter.

One cup sweet milk.

Five egg whites.

Two teaspoonful baking powder.

Two cupsful flour.

One teaspoonful vanilla.

Cream the sugar and butter, add the cup milk ana the vanilla and mix in thoroughly sift the baking powder and flour together, add and mix in thoroughly, beat the egg whites very stiff and mix in fully but lightly, bake in layer cake tins that have been properly prepared, when cool put together with a chocolate filling, set in the warmer a few minutes to harden.

Cocoanut Layer Cake

Three-fourths pound powdered sugar.

Eight ounces butter.

Whites ten eggs.

Half pint milk.

One pound flour.

Two teaspoonful baking powder.

Two teaspoonful vanilla. Cream sugar and butter, beat egg whites and add, add milk and flavoring, then add flour with the baking powder sifted in it, bake in layer cake tins. When cold put together as follows: Make a good icing, put on a thin coat, sprinkle with grated cocoanut, then ice the bottom of the next layer and set it on the cocoanut, repeat until all or fixed this way, then ice top and side and sprinkle with cocoanut.