King Layer Cake

One and a half pounds sugar.

Twelve ounces butter.

One pint milk.

Two pounds flour.

Whites of twelve eggs.

Three teaspoonful baking powder.

Two teaspoonful flavoring.

Rub the butter and sugar until it is very light, beat the egg whites a little, then add, a little at a time creaming them in, add the milk a little at a time, mixing in well, add the flavoring and mix, sift the baking powder and sugar together, two to five times and mix in fully but lightly, bake in layers. These layers can be put together with any icing or filling in this book.

Princess Layer Cake

One pound powdered sugar.

One pound butter.

One pound, two ounces flour.

Whites of sixteen eggs.

One teaspoonful baking powder.

One and half teaspoonful flavor.

Cream the butter and sugar, beat the egg whites to a very stiff froth, add a few at a time, and mix in fully, then sift the baking powder and flour together, at least four times, mix in very lightly but thoroughly, mix in vanilla fully but lightly, bake in layer cake tins in a moderate oven, when cold put together with a good icing or filling.