Ginger Cookies

Four ounces butter or lard.

One cup milk.

Two cups New Orleans molasses.

Half cup brown sugar.

One ounce soda.

One teaspoonful cinnamon.

One tablespoon ground ginger.

Four cups flour.

Two eggs.

Tablespoonful salt.

Cream the butter, sugar and eggs, add the molasses and mix, then add the milk with the soda, dissolved in it, then add the cinnamon and ginger mixing in thoroughly, then mix in the flour, make a medium stiff dough, roll out and cut with round cutter, wash with milk or water, and bake. These cakes should be set a little apart.

Ginger Cookies. No. 2

Half cup sugar.

One cup molasses.

Half cup butter.

Two eggs.

One cup milk.

One tablespoonful ground ginger.

One teaspoonful cinnamon.

One teaspoonful almond extract.

One teaspoonful soda.

Cream the sugar, butter, eggs, ginger and cinnamon, then add the molasses, mixing in well, then add the milk with the soda dissolved in it, then the flavoring and flour, mixing in fully but lightly, roll out and cut with round cutter and bake in cool oven. Set the cookies far enough apart so they won't run together.