Lemon Pie. No. 1.

Boil half cup apples and one cup sugar in one and one-half cupsful of water until apples are soft. Dissolve two tablespoonful cornstarch in a little cold water, stir into cooked apples while cooking, remove from the stove and when cool add two eggs, pinch of salt, juice and grated rind of one lemon, and teaspoonful good butter. Run through colander and fill pie pans lined with your pie crust, bake in hot oven, when baked, beat the whites of two eggs adding two tablespoonful sugar, spread over top and set back in oven until brown,

Lemon Pie. No. 2.

Squeeze out the juice of two lemons, and grate the rind in a deep dish, add a cup and a half of granulated sugar and two tablespoonful flour, or one of cornstarch, and mix, add the yolks of three eggs (saving the whites) juice of lemons and a small table spoonful butter, whip up thoroughly, add two cups water and mix, set this into another dish containing water and boil until it thickens. Remove it from the fire and when cool, pour it into deep pie tin lined with your pie crust, bake, and when done have the whites beaten stiff with two heaping tablespoonful sugar, spread this over the top, return to the oven and let brown.

Lemon Pie. No. 3.

One cupful of sugar, the yolks of three eggs, one tablespoonful soft or melted butter, one heaping table-spoonful of flour or one heaping teaspoonful of cornstarch, and the juice and a little of the rind grated, whip this up thoroughly, then add one cupful water and mix. Put in pie tin lined with your pie dough and bake thirty-five or forty minutes, when baked have the egg whites beaten stiff with a tablespoonful sugar added, spread over the top and return to the oven and let brown.

If the above filling is boiled in a double boiler a little before putting in pie crust it will be some better.

Lemon Pie. No. 4.

Grate the rind and use the juice of one lemon, add three-fourths of a cup of sugar, a tablespoonful of melted butter, and the yolks of two eggs, whip this up thoroughly, then add a scant pint of milk with two tablespoonful of cornstarch dissolved in it. Put in pie tin lined with pie dough and bake, when baked have the whites of the eggs well beaten with two table-spoonsful sugar added, spread on top of pie and return to oven and brown.