One pound of flour, one pound of good fresh solid butter, two teaspoonfuls baking powder, one egg, a teaspoonful salt, a tablespoonful sugar and a cupful ice water more or less, just enough to make a medium stiff dough. Half fill a bowl or pan with cold water. Wash the butter in this, working it with the hands until it is light and waxy. This takes out the salt and buttermilk, and lightens it, so the pastry is more delicate. Divide the butter half and half, press out into thin sheets and put in a pan of cold water to harden, mix the salt, sugar, baking powder and flour together, rub into this one sheet of the butter, whip the egg into a little of the water and add, then add enough water to make medium stiff dough. Sprinkle the board lightly with flour. Turn the paste on this and roll out quickly and lightly with the rolling pin. Do not break the paste. Roll from you, and to either side. When it is about one-fourth of an inch thick, take the remaining butter draining as much of the water off as possible and breaking it into little bits spread them over half the paste sprinkle very lightly with flour. Fold the paste that has no butter on it over the butter then fold again and roll out to about one-third of an inch this time, fold the dough in from the sides, not letting the edges touch, then fold in from the ends and roll again. Repeat this four times if for pies. But if for pastries tarts, etc., repeat six times. Use as little flour as possible while rolling, excess flour ruins it. Place on the ice to harden, when it has been rolled the last time. It should stay on ice at least an hour before using. In hot weather if the paste gets sticky while rolling it out, place on ice a few minutes, as soon as it gets chilled it will roll much easier.

Plain Puff Paste

One pound of flour, one pound of butter, and ice water enough to make a medium stiff dough. Rub the butter into the flour, add the water and mix into dough. Turn out on dusted board and roll out until one-fourth inch thick, fold in from the sides, do not let the edges touch, then fold in from the ends, fold over again, set in ice box or cold place for half hour, then take out and roll out and fold as before. Repeat and set in ice box or cool place again for half hour, then roll out and fold twice more. Then set in ice box for one hour before using. Do not use much flour for dusting while rolling.