Patties Or Shells For Tarts

Roll out puff-paste to about one-fourth inch in thickness, cut out with medium size cutter, take a smaller cutter and cut inside the large cutter leaving a ring. Put in oven and bake. When done take a small knife and cut the center raised crust out. May be used for oyster or veal patties or filled with jam, jelly or preserves, as tarts. Or if you have patty pans you may line them with puff-paste, they will be fine filled with jam, jelly or preserves, and covered with meringue (one tablespoonful of sugar to the white of one egg well beaten) and browned in oven. If cutters are dipped in hot water the edges will rise higher and be smoother.

Jelly Tarts

Make a good puff paste, roll out very thin, cut into pieces about three inches square, wash with well beaten egg, then turn the corners in to the center, bake in hot oven, when cool put little squares of jellie in the center.

Cream Tarts

Line patty tins with a good puff paste and bake, when shells are cool, fill with sweetened whipped cream, lay on the cream a little jelly.

Fruit Tarts

Line patty shells with puff paste rolled very thin, bake in a hot oven until a light brown, fill the shells with fresh sweetened fruit, cover with sweetened and flavored whipped cream.

Custard Tarts

Line patty pans with best puff paste rolled out very thin, bake in hot oven until a delicate brown, then fill with the following which must be cooked first:

Four eggs, two cups milk, tablespoonful cornstarch, one cupful sugar, two teaspoonful vanilla, cover with meringue and brown.

Apple Tarts

Make shells out of rich puff paste and fill with the following, which must be cooked first. Two cups apple sauce, two eggs, one cupful rich cream, juice of one lemon, one and one-fourth cupful granulated sugar. Make meringue to go on top and brown.