Sift two pounds of strong flour in a bowl, make a dent in center in which you break four eggs and two yolks, a pinch of baking soda, one-fourth ounce ammonia, one-half gill milk, salt, three ounces powdered sugar, a little mace, one-half pound melted butter, and one glass of brandy or rum. Make all into a stiff dough as for noodles. Set away in a cool place for about one hour, covered with a damp cloth. Then roll out very thin about four feet long and two feet wide; cut with pie jigger in strips one inch wide. Wet the strips on ends and in center with egg. Take about five strips up at a time, press the ends so they will hold together; sling around in different directions and bring the ends on bottom so that all make a loose ball. Set on a dusted board; let stand a while, then cook in hot cruller grease to a fawn color, not too brown. Break the bottoms out of some tin cans and set in the kettle to fry the balls in; this is done to hold the balls together. When cool dust with cinnamon sugar.