Water Icing

XXXX confectioner's sugar is the best sugar for icings. Although a trifle higher in price it makes a cheaper frosting because it takes up more water. Plain water icing is made simply by mixing enough sifted powdered sugar with cold water, adding flavor as desired. After cakes are iced, set in the oven a few seconds by the open door. Another method of making water icing is to use boiling hot water in place of cold water, and do not set in the oven to dry.

American Vanilla Cream Frosting

Mix one pound XXXX powdered sugar with egg white and four to five drops acetic acid or half a teaspoonful of cream of tartar. Beat light, then add one more pound of sugar and sufficient boiling water to thin it as desired; one teaspoonful of vanilla.

Walnut Frosting

To above icing add one-half pint of walnut meats chopped fine.

American Chocolate Frosting

Mix two pounds of powdered sugar with sufficient hot water to make it the desired consistency. Meantime dissolve five ounces of chocolate, cut up fine, with two ounces of butter, in the oven. Stir until it is all smooth, and let it run slowly into the other sugar. Keep stirring it; add warm water and a little vanilla. This frosting can be kept in a cool place a good while, only warm it up well before using.

Fondant for Frosting

Boil five pounds of granulated sugar, one pound of glucose and one quart of water to a light ball (242 degrees). As soon as it commences to boil, wash down on the sides, and cover. Do not let it boil too slowly. Then sprinkle your marble slab with ice water, and pour the syrup on it. When partly cooled off, work with large wooden spatula until it is all creamed and hard. Have a clean tub ready, throw the fondant in and pound it down solid until it is all smooth; cover over with a wet cloth. Before using melt it on stove or in hot water bath, adding a little plain syrup, and flavor to taste.

Coffee Icing

Boil four ounces of best Java coffee, ground, with one pint of water down to half a pint, keeping it covered. Then strain and add two tablespoonfuls burned sugar color and three pounds of fondant. Stir over the fire until soft and smooth. Use at once.

Pistachio Icing

Peel one ounce of pistachio nuts and pound them to a paste in a stone mortar; mix with fondant and melt.

Rose, Almond or Strawberry Icing

Dissolve fondant over a fire with a little syrup, the proper extract to flavor, and coloring. Or mix XXXX confectioner's sugar with hot water, and add flavor and coloring.

Lemon Frosting

A very fine frosting for sponge cakes and cup cakes is made by adding the juice of one or two lemons to fondant or water icing.

Gelatine Icing

Dissolve one ounce of good gelatine in one pint of water, mix with four pounds of confectioner's powdered sugar, and beat up like meringue with an egg beater; add vanilla or lemon.