Lemon and Orange Sugar

Grate nice, hard lemon or orange skins (not too deep - only the yellow part), and mix with sufficient powdered sugar and set away in air-tight jars.

Vanilla Sugar

Cut up very fine two or three sound vanilla beans and weigh off one pound of cut lump sugar. Put the vanilla with part of the sugar in a mortar and pound fine. Then sift it, put the remaining vanilla back in the mortar, add more sugar, pound fine again, sift, and so keep on, until all is beaten to fine powder. Then pack away air-tight.

Orange and Lemon Zest

To get the very finest aroma of the fruit without any bitter taste to it, rub hard lemons or oranges over lumps of sugar. As soon as the sugar is covered with the skin, scrape it off with a sharp knife and rub over it again. So keep on, until the outside skin of all the lemons or oranges is rubbed off. This is especially fine flavoring for ice creams, cremes and icings.


Take small bits of sponge cake, rub with a little thin jelly, cover with a thin sheet of marzipan, brush over with a little sugar color and roll in grated chocolate. Then, with a pointed stick, prick some holes in them, and stick small bits of sliced almonds in, to represent sprouts of the potatoes.

Apples, Pears, etc

These can be made out of sponge cake (lady finger mixture). With bag and tube lay out in the shape of the fruit, and bake a nice brown. When well done, set two together with apple or apricot marmalade, and frost some with white, some with yellow icing.

Pears and Apples of Meringue

Take a very thin layer of sponge cake, spread it with marmalade and cut out with round or oval cutter. Now prepare a good meringue (as for Kisses, see Part VI.) and lay out in the shape of apples, pears, peaches, etc., and bake on wet boards. Where there is a good crust on top, lay one on a piece of the sponge cake, same shape, and sprinkle a very little with red coloring. Then frost very thin with transparent water icing, and stick on the end a whole clove for the core, and on the other end a thin stick of citron for the stem.

Almond Souffle Kisses. (Auflauf)

Pound very fine two ounces blanched almonds with the white of one egg and sufficient XXXX confectioner's sugar. Then add the whites of three more eggs, beaten up a little first, and enough more fine sugar to make a stiff paste. Roll out one-fifth of an inch thick, and cut out in stars, rosettes, rings, etc., and set on flour-dusted tins. Let dry a few hours, and bake very cool. They will raise over an inch high and come up straight, if oven is cool enough. Then frost with thin water icing or royal icing, and sprinkle with colored sugars, or paint them.

Vanilla and Rose Souffle

The same as above, only omit the almonds and add a few drops of alcohol and a little vanilla or rose and red coloring.

American Marzipan

Cut up two pounds of almond paste in thin slices and spread on candy marble, which you first sprinkle with ice water. While this is being done, boil five pounds of sugar with one quart of water and a half pound of glucose to the ball (245 degrees), and pour over the paste. Let it cool off, then rub with spatula until it is all smooth and creamed. Work all in one lump and cover up. This is very fine for fancy bonbons and fancy hand-modeled cakes.