Almond Macaroons

One pound of almond paste, one pound of powdered sugar; mix smooth with the whites of four or five eggs; add a little vanilla and three ounces of granulated sugar, one-half of an egg shell full of water. When smooth and light, drop with bag and tube on paper. Bake in a moderate oven, about 350 degrees. Do not have the mixture too soft, so they run flat. Throw a small handful of granulated sugar over each sheet before you put in oven.

Parisian Macaroons

One pound of almond paste, one pound of powdered sugar, the whites of five or six eggs and a little vanilla; one ounce of flour may be added. Lay out on paper and stick on top of each three split half almonds. Let stand one-half hour and bake. While hot, brush over with heavy syrup.

European Almond Macaroons

One pound of blanched almonds, pounded fine or ground in a stone mortar, adding egg white enough to make soft; mix in it two pounds of fine sugar, and a little water if the almonds are very dry.

Home-made Macaroons

Pound fine one pound of blanched almonds in a mortar; from time to time add powdered sugar and sift until one and one-half pounds have been used. Add one-half pound of granulated sugar mixed with enough white of egg to make a paste. Beat well, adding a few drops of water and vanilla or lemon. Proceed as above.

Princess Macaroons

From Parisian mixture make macaroons, some in oblong shape and some round. As soon as done, dip a round or oblong stick in flour and press down in center of each macaroon near to the bottom. Fill this in with any stiff frosting, putting on top a dot of different colored frosting. Put your frosting in strong paper cornet and warm a little so it will run out freely.

Jelly Macaroons

Same as above, only fill with jelly or jam and cover them with water icing.

Cocoanut Macaroons

Mix one and one-half pounds of powdered sugar with one pound of shredded or grated cocoanut; beat the whites of nine eggs very stiff, adding ten drops of acetic acid. Then mix in the sugar by handfuls; add a little vanilla. Lay out with a spoon in little cakes on greased tins, and bake very slowly.

Macaroon Souffle

Rub smoothly three-quarters of a pound of almond paste with two pounds of sugar and sufficient white of egg to thin it. Beat the remaining whites of eighteen eggs very stiff, and mix together. You may add one handful of flour. Bake on greased, flour-dusted pans.

Almond Croquettes

Beat up one-half pound of sugar with three eggs, one grated lemon peel, one cup of chopped almonds and one pound of flour. Roll in long strips; bake in warm oven and ice with rose (pink).

Macaroon Slices

Bake strips of Vienna tea cake or Shrewsbury cake two inches wide. Lay a border of stiff macaroon paste on each side with bag and tube; soften remainder of macaroon paste with yolk of egg and one handful of flour. Flavor with lemon and fill in the center of strips. When baked, frost thin with lemon water icing.