Spanish Meringue

Mixture as above. Divide in three parts, add rose and color one part pink, one part add chocolate and leave the other plain. Cut off by spoonfuls and work a little with spoon until it is a nice smooth shape; drop them about the size of an egg on tins greased and dusted as above.


Beat one pound of egg white half stiff. Stir into it two pounds of powdered sugar, one and one-half pounds of cake flour, one ounce of vanilla; with fine tube set on waxed tins; first let dry on top, then bake slowly.

Vienna Lady Fingers

Beat the whites of fifteen eggs very stiff; add by handfuls one pound of powdered sugar; then the yolks of twelve eggs; and last, fourteen ounces of sifted pastry flour. Dust well with powdered sugar. Bake very hot, at 410 degrees. Flavor with lemon. When baked, turn upside down, wet the paper and stick two together as, soon as softened.

Lady Fingers

Beat the whites of eight eggs very stiff, and in the meantime stir up well the yolks of ten eggs and one-half of a pound of fine sugar; flavor with lemon; then add part of the snow; then one-half of a pound of pastry flour; then the rest of the snow; mix, only very light. Lay out, dust and bake as quick as possible, say 400 degrees.

Sponge Drops

Beat well one pound of powdered sugar with twelve eggs; then set in hot water bath and beat until hot; take off and stir until cold again; mix with two egg shells full of water, one and one-fourth pounds of pastry flour and one ounce of baking powder; flavor with vanilla. Set two together with jelly.

Vanilla Wafer Jumbles

Cream together one-half of a pound of powdered sugar, one-half of a pound of butter and two large eggs, add a little vanilla, and last nine ounces of pastry flour; grease the tins lightly, dust with flour. Lay out on pans with bag and star tube in rings. Bake like cookies.

Chocolate Kisses

Beat stiff the whites of eight eggs and add one and one-half pounds of powdered sugar; then set on a slow fire, beat until warm and firm; then mix in lightly one-fourth of a pound of dissolved Baker's chocolate. Lay out on dusted tins with star tube in "S" shape, dust with white nonpareils or coarse granulated sugar.

Vienna Fancy Mixture

Eight eggs and one and one-half pounds of sugar beaten together in a kettle over a slow fire until just warm; add one and one-fourth pounds of cake flour and the peel of one lemon. Lay out in different shapes, fingers, rings, etc., but with fine tube and very small. Let dry in warm room to a good crust, then bake at 340 degrees. Dust some with cocoanut, some with coarse sugar or chopped almonds as soon as laid out. This is a very fine assortment.

Vienna Almond Drops

Same as above, only dust well with chopped blanched almonds, and bake without drying them.

Anise Drops (Gateaux Anissette)

Beat up together one pound of powdered sugar and eight eggs. Set on a slow fire until warmed through, but not too hot; beat until cold again; mix with one pound of pastry flour and one handful of anise seed. Lay out the same as above, but dry well, to get a crust on the top. Do not bake too warm.

Vienna Tea Cakes

Wash one pound of butter in ice water and chop it fine with one and one-half pounds of pastry flour; mix well with one-half pound of powdered sugar, lemon and cinnamon; add five eggs or ten yolks; mix light or it will break; cut out with different shaped cutters and wash with eggs. Bake at 380 degrees. You can also frost the same.

Snow Balls

Beat one pint of egg white until stiff, and mix well one pound of powdered sugar, three-fourths of a pound of cake flour, one third of an ounce of cream of tartar, and stir into the snow very lightly; add a little vanilla. With bag and tube lay out on paper. Bake moderately warm; stick two together with cream frosting or jelly, then dip the whole cakes in cream frosting or marshmallow frosting.

Cinnamon Stars

Four ounces of finely pounded raw almonds, the whites of three eggs; mix to a stiff dough with sufficient powdered sugar and two spoonfuls of cinnamon; cut out with star. Bake slowly and frost on top.