Leaves for Center-Pieces

Pound fine four ounces of sugar with white of egg, adding four ounces of almonds and two ounces of flour, making it into a smooth paste. Almond paste may be used in place of the almonds. Bake on very clean tins, which are heated and rubbed lightly with beeswax or butter; then set to cool. Bake very quickly and as soon as border browns a little, take off the tins and bend them around a thick round stick or rolling pin. Have moulds of tin or pasteboard; on an oval piece of same draw leaf-shape pattern and have same cut out, leaving one-half inch border around the tin; lay this on the pan and spread on the mixture very thinly, then remove the mould and proceed further until pan is full.

Cream Puffs

Use one pint of water with a little milk in it and eight ounces of lard; let it come to a boil, cook for two minutes, then stir into it fourteen ounces of sifted cake flour. When all is loosened from the pan and dry, remove from the fire. Stir in ten to twelve eggs, two at a time, and a little ammonia. Bake on ungreased pans, previously washed with egg. Bake rapid - 410 degrees. Cut open and fill with custard or whipped cream. (See Part IX.)

Chocolate Eclairs

Proceed same as for cream puffs; lay out with bag and tube in the shape of large lady-fingers, keeping the dough a little stiffen After filling them, frost over with chocolate.

Champagne Wafers

Mix together six ounces of powdered sugar, three ounces of pastry flour, three eggs and one teaspoonful of vanilla. Beat well and with flat spoon or brush lay out as thin as paper the size of a buckwheat cake on cooking tins. Have tins well cleaned, warmed and rubbed over with beeswax or good butter. Set in cold place until wanted, allowing grease to become hard on them. When commencing to brown on the edges, lift up one corner, turn over and roll over a thin stick which has first been greased.


Beat very stiff the whites of eight eggs, adding one pound of powdered sugar - one handful at a time - and a little vanilla. Set with bag and tube on greased, flour-dusted tins in different shapes. Dust with sugar and bake in a cool oven.

Cocoanut Kisses

Lay out the above mixture in rings and dust well with shredded cocoanut.

Cream Kisses

Same mixture as above. After soaking a board about one inch thick in water for one hour, drain it off a little; have your differentshaped kisses dusted on paper, place on the wet board and bake. Afterwards set together, placing back on top of oven to dry out well.

Fruit Kisses

Same as above, except placing a piece of French fruit glace in one part before you put the two together.

Spanish Kisses

In place of above fruit use French cherries soaked in sherry wine, but well drained off. All these kisses are so light and easy to prepare that they can be mixed in fancy cake to great advantage in different shapes, but you will need a bag and different tubes for them.