Tea Biscuits

Three and one-fourth pounds of flour, three ounces of baking powder, one and one-half ounces of salt, all sifted together; rub dry six ounces of lard in the flour and mix with one and one-fourth quarts of milk into a light dough. Roll out at once one-half of an inch thick, cut out, set close together, wash with milk; first prick with a fork, and bake hot; 400 degrees.

Newport Rolls

Same as tea biscuits, only add two ounces of butter, roll a little thinner, cut out, wash with butter and double over like French rolls: let stand a few minutes, wash with egg and bake.

Graham Gems

Break like biscuits from either of the graham bread doughs. Roll up like biscuits, set to raise in gem tins and do not bake too hot.

Corn Muffins

Grease and heat well deep gem tins and fill over half full of this mixture: Six ounces of cornmeal, four ounces of sugar, four ounces of lard, four eggs; mix all light; add one pint of milk and eighteen ounces of pastry flour with one and one-half ounces of baking powder, one ounce of salt. If too stiff add a little more milk. Bake hot.

Johnny Cake

The same mixture as above, only add two ounces more of sugar and two ounces of butter and bake in long, flat tins.

Buckwheat Cakes

Dissolve one-half of a yeast cake in one-half of a cup of warm water; add one quart of milk, one teaspoonful of salt, a little cornmeal, a handful of wheat flour, and enough buckwheat flour to make a stiff batter. Set away over night. In the morning stir up well, add a little molasses and bake on hot griddle. If too stiff, add a little milk and a little sugar.

English Wheat Muffins

Mix one yeast cake in one-half of a cup of warm water, one cup of milk, two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, two tablespoonfuls of sugar, a little salt, enough flour to make a stiff batter; let it raise, then add three eggs; beat all well; fill in muffin rings. Bake hot.

Wheat Cakes

Beat up well, two eggs, one-half of a teaspoonful of salt, one tablespoonful of sugar, one-half of a cup of milk, and stir again. Mix with sufficient flour and one teaspoonful of baking powder to make into a soft batter; grease the griddle well, and bake quickly. This seems to be very rich, but they can be poured out thinner and make more cakes.


Set over night one-half of a yeast cake in one-half of a cup of luke warm milk, with enough pastry flour and one pint of milk to make a stiff batter. In the morning add three or four eggs beaten up well, a handful of sugar, and a little salt to the batter. Beat well and bake in hot waffle irons; a little nutmeg to flavor.

Coffee Cakes. 1

Set soft sponge with seven ounces of yeast, three quarts of warm milk, one quart of water, and enough flour. Beat up well, set in warm place to raise. When it breaks, add three-fourths of a pound of butter and lard, one and one-half pounds of sugar, eight to ten eggs (one pint of egg yolks is best), lemon and mace, two ounces of salt, and three pints more of milk. Work well and smooth, but not too stiff. Let raise one or two. hours, push down and mould up in different shapes.