Roll up like biscuit, press flat, dip in coarse sugar, set to raise, bake medium warm. (The eggs may be omitted if desired.)

Currant Buns

The same as above, only roll out a piece about ten inches wide, sprinkle with currants and cinnamon double over from both sides, cut with scraper in finger shape, set the cut side up, close together; let raise, bake warm, and frost thick with vanilla icing.

Hot Cross Buns

The same dough as for buns, only when half raised press each down crosswise with same cutter and wash with butter and dip in sugar, or ice them after they are baked.

Cinnamon Cake

Same dough as above. Take about one pound of the dough and roll out eight by ten inches; wash with butter; dust well with cinnamon and fine sugar.

Streussel Kuchen

Same as above, only cover well with the following mixture: One pound of cake flour, one spoonful of cinnamon, one-half pound of fine sugar; add five ounces of good melted butter, rub together well and press through coarse sieve.

Coffee Cake Dough. 2

In six quarts of milk and two quarts of water dissolve seven to eight ounces of compressed yeast, one pound of fine sugar, lemon and mace, one and one-half ounces of salt; mix with enough mixed flour to make into a soft dough, beat well and set to raise. Meanwhile cream one and one-fourth pounds of butter with two pounds of sugar; add one pint of eggs (or one pint of yolks is best); add slowly the other dough, beating well. If too soft, add more flour, but do not make too stiff. Let raise again.

Turk Heads

Weigh off the above in pieces about fourteen ounces, mix in some raisins, and lay in well buttered Turk-head tins. You may sprinkle some sliced blanched almonds in the bottom of the moulds first.

Coffee Wreaths

From the above dough cut even pieces, roll out in long and thin strips, braid three together and form into a round wreath. Set to raise; wash with egg; bake hot and ice with thick vanilla icing.


Roll out the above dough like small fingers; set close together; do not let it raise too much; bake light; let stand one day, then cut each biscuit in two with a sharp knife, roast well brown on both sides, and dip in cinnamon or vanilla sugar.

French Crullers

Boil one pint of milk and water with six ounces of lard for two minutes; then add quickly fourteen ounces of pastry flour, let it stand five minutes, then mix in slowly ten to twelve eggs one handful of sugar, vanilla, and a little salt. Keep dough just like eclairs; fill in bag with star tube. Run out on greased paper in rings. Lay the paper with rings on the bottom in your hot grease, until all the rings are loosened. Bake slow, and well through. Dust with sugar and serve with sauce or syrup.