1. Keep yeast always in cool, dry place.

2. One teaspoonful of salt is enough to each quart of flour.

3. For all coffee cakes take one-third of cake flour, what is called blended flour.

4. If you have little pieces of dough left over, cover with cold water, and use the next day for sour dough in rye bread.

5. For all coffee cakes desiccated egg food can be substituted for fresh eggs satisfactorily. Use one ounce for every five eggs.

6. Bread, rolls or biscuits, if washed with butter immediately after baking, will shine nicely and will be softer than if not washed.

7. Common buns and coffee cakes can also be made from bread dough. Add some sugar and butter, and work well. Let rest awhile; add some coloring, cinnamon and lemon or vanilla.

8. If you want to keep compressed yeast fresh for a long time, put it in a glass or stone jar and fill with water. When you want to use some, pour off the water slowly, take out what yeast you need, and pour fresh water over the rest.