The principle point is a sound sour stock and good straight rye flour. Take two pounds of bread sponge in bowl, two quarts of warm water and sufficient rye flour to make medium stiff dough. Let rest five hours; then add sixteen quarts of lukewarm water, brake the sponge with it well and add enough of straight rye to medium second sponge, which should be ready in three hours. Then add one pound of salt, three-fourths of a quart of tepid water, and make into dough with more rye flour. After a short rest cut up into loaves, work each one well, roll up, and when in shape set away in dusted straw baskets (round or long). Wash over with water. When half raised prick with wooden stick. When ready for the oven wash over again when on the peel. Oven must have sharp heat, fresh fired. Bake at least one hour.