Bismarks - Set to raise a soft sponge with two ounces of yeast, one pint of milk, and enough flour. As soon as it breaks, add four to five eggs, one-fourth of a pound of lard or butter, one-half of a pound of sugar, lemon and mace, one pint of warm milk and sufficient flour to make a soft dough; beat well and set to raise; push down; let raise again, then dust bench well with flour; break in small biscuits, roll them up, let raise a little, press flat; lay in center of each some stiff jelly (or better, jam or marmalade); pull up from the sides over the jelly, and pinch together well. Set on a cloth well dusted with flour, the pinched side on bottom, cover over and let them raise well. Bake in hot grease, slower than fried cakes. Roll, when cool, in cinnamon sugar.