French Sticks (without Sponge)

Same as the first bread dough, only leave the sugar out. Mould up in long sticks; lay each separate on a cloth; bake on bottom or tile; wash first and cut crosswise.

Milk Bread

To cottage dough add more milk, a little extra sugar; mould up, not too old; set on dusted cooky tins and cover over with a square bread pan, in bottom of which holes are punched. This bread will not get a hard crust.

Graham Bread (without Sponge)

Three ounces of compressed yeast, seven quarts of luke warm water, one and one-half pints of the darkest Porto Rico molasses, three ounces of salt, three and one-half pounds of graham flour, and sufficient wheat flour to make medium dough. Let it stand over night; in the morning throw it on the board, cut in pieces and mould up at once. Let it raise well in the tins and bake slow.

Graham Bread (with Sponge)

Take two quarts of sponge from the cottage bread, add one quart of warm water, one-half pint of dark Porto Rico molasses, three ounces of salt, two quarts of graham flour, and enough wheat flour to make a soft dough. Let it stand about two hours. Mould and bake as above.

American Rye Bread

American bakers generally use the same formula as for the graham bread, only they take rye flour in place of graham. German bakers make a separate dough and bake it like Vienna bread.

French Rolls

In the evening set a stiff dough of three ounces of compressed yeast, four quarts of luke warm milk, three quarts of water, two ounces of salt, two ounces of sugar, four ounces of lard, four ounces of butter and sufficient flour (not too strong). In the morning, push down the dough, break off a little smaller than biscuits, roll up, let it spring a little, then press down well in center with a thin rolling pin, wash with a little melted butter, and double over. Set to raise and bake hot; 400 degrees.

Raised Biscuits

You can take either of the bread doughs; add a little extra milk and lard or butter, and roll up round.

Finger Rolls or Lady Washington Rolls

Dissolve two ounces of compressed yeast in two quarts of warm milk; add one-half of a pound of lard and butter, six ounces of sugar, two and one-half ounces of salt, another quart of milk, one quart of water, and sufficient flour (mixed) to make medium dough. Work well and set to raise about two and one-half hours, in a warm place. Break off in small pieces, mould up round and cover over to let them raise some. Then mould over in finger-shape and set close together on greased tins, until light; wash with egg, and bake.

Parker House Rolls

Dissolve three ounces of compressed yeast with two quarts of milk; add two ounces of sugar, one ounce of salt, four ounces of butter, two ounces of lard, four eggs or ten yolks, and enough flour to make medium dough; wash well; let raise two hours, push down and set away another hour; make up in shape to suit yourself, let it raise, wash with egg, and bake quickly.