In baking with molasses, baking soda or saleratus is used. Therefore it should be made a special point that only the very best, pure soda is used; and if a baker is not much of a judge, I would advise him to use that done up in packages, so as to get it pure. Poor soda makes cakes look green and taste like soap. Soda must be used with great care, as worse results are obtained from using too much than not enough.

Molasses Ginger Bread

Mix together one quart of Porto Rico and New Orleans molasses, one and one-half pints water, one and one-half ounces soda, twelve ounces lard, two eggs, two handfuls brown sugar, two tablespoonfuls ginger, one-half spoonful cinnamon and enough flour to make a soft dough. Fill half-full with mixture a greased pan lined with paper, and bake about one hour in a medium-warm oven.

English Currant Slices

Mix in a piece of the above dough English currants. Roll in long strips, lay on greased cooky tins and bake in a warmer oven than for the above. Press down flat, then frost with chocolate and cut in narrow slices.

Scotch Fruit Drops

To the above mixture add one pound currants one-half pound citron (cut fine), one handful granulated sugar and a little more molasses. Drop in small cakes, flatten them somewhat, dust with granulated sugar and bake rapidly.

Spice Cup Cakes

Three-quarters of a pound of crumbs, one and one-quarter quarts molasses, three-quarters of a pound of lard, one quart water, one and one-quarter ounces soda, two eggs, one pound currants; vanilla, lemon, cinnamon and allspice, with sufficient flour to keep in a soft dough. Use cup-cake moulds, having them well greased and warm, then fill half-full with mixture. Frost with chocolate.

Common Spice Cup Cakes

From the above mixture omit the eggs and extracts; otherwise the same.

Washington Slices

Line a flat pan with pie crust and put in to the depth of one-half inch the mixture for spice cup cakes; bake in a medium-hot oven. Frost with water icing flavored with rum or lemon and cut in sliced two by three inches.

Molasses Pound Cake

Rub together three-quarters of a pound of lard and three-quarters of a pound of sugar and slowly add seven eggs (or one and one-half ounces of dissolved desiccated egg food); then mix together and add to this, one and one-half pints molasses, one-half pint milk and one and one-half ounces of soda; then add to the whole, three and one-half pounds of cake flour, two ounces ginger, one ounce cinnamon and one teaspoonful of salt. Bake medium - about 350 degrees.

Molasses Cookies

Use ten ounces lard, one pint milk, one quart New Orleans molasses, two ounces soda, a little cinnamon, one teaspoonful salt, four pounds of flour and a handful of granulated sugar. Wash with milk and cut out, having them a fair thickness.

Ginger Cookies

Use one and one-quarter pounds lard, one quart milk, two quarts New Orleans molasses, one-half pound brown sugar, four ounces soda, cinnamon, four ounces ginger, one and one-half ounces salt and eight pounds of flour. Cut out thick and wash with milk.