1. The addition of a little granulated sugar makes macaroons crack better.

2. The Vienna fancy mixture is a very good one and can be made up in many shapes.

3. Almond paste is certainly a great help, and saves time and trouble in making macaroons.

4. For all kisses and meringue work add first some sugar by handfuls to the well beaten eggs, then the rest of the sugar; add with large wooden spatula, mixing it very carefully.

5. For kisses, and for all purposes when it is desired to beat them stiff, if the whites of eggs are kept on ice two or three days before using, the best results are obtained, as they beat up stiffer.

6. For Boston cream puffs, you can easily dispense with two-thirds of the fresh eggs by using one and one-half ounces of dissolved "Egg Nutrine" instead. Take one and one-half ounces of "Nutrine" in a pint measure, add enough milk to make two-thirds of a pint and stir up well. Then add enough fresh eggs to fill a pint measure.

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