Creme Buttercups

Roll out a sheet of puff paste scraps or good short pie crust, about one-fourth of an inch thick; spread over one half of it some boiled custard (as for cream puffs); cover with the other half of the paste, which has been pricked with a fork. Wash with egg and sprinkle with coarse sugar; bake not too quick; cut with dull scraper or back of knife in small squares.

Ceylon Buttercups

Proceed the same as above. For filling use a stiff vanilla water icing mixed with cocanut.

Lady Washington Buttercups

Proceed same as above. For filling mix three-fourths of a pound of crumbs, one-half pound of melted butter, one quart of molasses, three-fourths of a quart of milk or sour cream, one-hail ounce saleratus; then add two eggs, one-half pound of currants, one-half pound of citron, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon; thicken with flour, not very stiff; when baked cover with rum icing. A variety of other cups can be made with different fillings.