You can cut up one or two days' old, or bake a sheet of the orange cresents mixture, but it cuts better one day old; cut in slices two inches long by three-fourth o an inch wide; warm up some fondant icing and throw the slices in, dipping them all over.

Cocoanut Nougatines

Dip all over in vanilla flavored fondant or egg icing (thinned down); take out with bon-bon fork and roll all over in fine shredded cocoanut.

Croquet Nougatines

Very fine pound cake slices dipped in vanilla fondant icing and rolled in roasted almonds, chopped fine.

Printaniere Nougatines

The same, only flavor icing with rose essence and color deep pink.

Chocolate Nougatines

Dip like above in chocolate icing and roll in cocoanut.

African Nougatines

Cut slices of one or two days' old gingerbread, dip in chocolate, lay on top of each slice a half almond nut.