Ginger Nuts

One quart New Orleans molasses, one pint Porto Rico molasses, three-quarters pint of milk (sour if possible), one and one-quarter pounds lard, three-quarters pound granulated sugar, six pounds soft flour; ginger, cinnamon, salt and two and one-half ounces of soda. Make a soft dough and drop with hand or spoon on the tins.

Brandy Snaps

Stir together one pint of molasses and twelve ounces of butter with one pound of brown sugar; add one pound of soft flour and one ounce of cinnamon. Break in pieces the size of walnuts; press flat a little and drop in cooky tins. Bake in three to five minutes, and roll at once over a round stick.

French Ginger Nuts

One quart molasses, three eggs, one pint milk, one ounce soda, two and one-half pounds crumbs, one pound brown sugar, fourteen ounces lard and about four pounds of flour. Wash with egg-wash and dip in granulated or powdered sugar.

Molasses Fruit Cakes

Beat up one pound of brown sugar and one and one-half pounds of butter and lard, and slowly add seven or eight eggs; then three pints of molasses and three pints of sour milk or water with two ounces of soda; then five to six pounds of soft flour, four pounds of currants, three pounds of seedless raisins and one pound of finely-cut citron; ginger, cinnamon and allspice. Bake at 350 to 360 degrees.

Crumb or Spice Cookies

Two and one-half pounds sugar, three pounds cake crumbs, one and one-half pounds of lard, seven eggs (or one and one-half ounces of desiccated egg food) and one and one-half pints of molasses; cinnamon, vanilla and lemon. Then dissolve three ounces of soda in one and one-half pints of milk or water, a little vinegar and five and one-half pounds of flour. Roll out thick as ginger cookies, dip in fine sugar and bake at 370 degrees.


Mix two quarts molasses, one and one-half quarts water, ten ounces lard, four ounces soda, some spices, about eight pounds flour and a little salt. Roll out one-quarter of an inch thick; bake in a rather warm oven.

Berkshire Cakes

One and one-half pints molasses, two ounces butter, one-half ounce soda, one-half cup milk; salt, ginger and sufficient flour to make dough stiff enough to roll out. Roll out one-quarter inch thick, lay the whole sheet upon a well-dusted pan, cut with large knife into finger shapes to be two and one-half by four inches in size after they are baked; break before they are cold; before baking, prick well with a fork.

Poor Alan's Fruit Cake

Rub together one-half pound of brown sugar and three-quarters of a pound of lard; add four eggs, then one and one-half pints molasses, one pint sour milk, one ounce soda, three to three and one-half pounds flour, two pounds currants, two pounds raisins, one-half pound sliced citron and two pounds of finely sliced apples.

Ginger Snaps

Two pounds of granulated sugar, two pounds of brown sugar, two and one-half quarts of New Orleans molasses and Porto Rico molasses mixed, one pint of water, two and one-half ounces of soda, one ounce of salt, three ounces of ginger, two ounces of cinnamon, one pound and fourteen ounces of lard, and last twelve and one-half pounds of soft flour and one-half ounce of ammonia. Work well and have it stiff.