Cinnamon Wafers

Same as ginger snaps above, only leave out the ginger; take one ounce more of cinnamon, roll out thin and cut in fingers to be one and one-half by three inches after they are baked. Wash with milk before baking.

Nurnberger Lebkuchen

Stir up together well twenty-five eggs, two pounds of fine sugar, one-half of an ounce of ammonia, one-fourth of a pound of orange peel, one-fourth of a pound of almonds, one-half of a pound of citron, all chopped fine, and spices. Then mix in light, two and one-fourth to two and one-half pounds of pastry flour. With a palette knife lay out this dough on wafer sheets and cut in squares; lay on top of each a thin slice of citron. Bake medium warm.

Sugar Nuts (Hard Tacks)

Two pounds of sugar, four eggs, or yolks of eight eggs, one-half of a pint of milk, one ounce of ammonia, lemon. Mix with enough soft flour to make into a stiff dough. Cut out very small, round, but very thick. Bake at 370 degrees; afterwards you may throw all in boiled icing (conserve), and spread on a sieve to dry.

Cobblestones (Pfeffernusse)

Mix and bake, same as above, one pound of sugar, one pint of molasses, spices, one-half of an ounce of soda, one-half of an ounce of ammonia, ginger and cinnamon, one pint of milk or water, and enough soft flour to make a stiff dough.

Sugar Nuts

Ripe Nuts

Boil six pounds of sugar with one quart of water to thread, let cool; add four eggs, one and three-fourth ounces of ammonia, one ounce of cardamon, one ounce of cinnamon, four eggs and sufficient flour. Cut out in small round nuts, bake medium. To above dough the same quantity of honey cake dough can be mixed in.



To ten pounds of scraps of honey cakes, ginger cake, etc., add enough warm water to make a mush, add two pounds of honey, two pounds of syrup and sufficient soft flour to make soft dough. Then add four ounces of cinnamon, four ounces of allspice, one ounce of cloves, one ounce of potash and one-half ounce of ammonia, rubbed fine with water; then make a stiff dough.

Icing for Peppernuts

Boil five and one-half pounds of sugar, granulated or A, to a good thread, with one quart of water. Put enough of the nuts in a bowl and pour some of the syrup over them, working trough with a spatel until all are covered.

Carlsbad Lebkuchen

Boil four pounds of sugar with one quart of milk to thread; when partly cool add enough flour to a soft dough. Mix and add to above one pound of almond paste, three eggs, one ounce of ammonia, different spices, two lemon rinds. Roll out not too thin, roll over with marking roller, cut in oblong pieces; when baked ice with chocolate.

Dissolve two ounces of gelatine in a half pint of cream; press, pound, or grind very fine one-fourth of a pound of potash and add to make - medium stiff dough. Set away in the cellar. All honey is. better.