Honey Cakes

Honey cakes are made to a great extent in Germany, for the holidays. Special kinds are identified as original in different cities and shipped to all countries; for instance, the delicious Nurnberger, the Thorner, and Basler honey cakes. The principal dough or stock is usually prepared in September or October and stored away in the cellar in tubs or barrels sawed in two; but as a general rule this first dough is only mixed with part of the rising ingredients, alum or potash, while ammonia or soda is added just before using it.

Stock for Honey Cakes

Twenty pounds of honey, ten pounds of molasses; boil up several times; strain through a sieve in a bowl or tub; with a little water, pound or grind very fine one-fourth of a pound of potash and add to the honey when luke warm. Then mix with enough soft cake flour to make a medium stiff dough: Set away in the cellar. All honey is better.

German Honey Cakes and Hearts

Get ten pounds of above dough, into which work one ounce of ammonia, which has been ground and dissolved, with the yolks of two or three eggs. Work well or put under a dough break. First bake a sample at 360 degrees. Roll out one-third of an inch thick, wash with milk or glue water, or still better, desiccated egg food dissolved. Prick the larger ones with a fork.

American Spiced Honey Cake

Three pounds of boiled honey, one pound of molasses, one-half pound of sugar, one-half of a pound of lard, one ounce of ammonia, a little soda, one pint of milk, spices; add enough soft flour to make a dough like ginger cookies, and bake in the same way.

American Honey Cakes

Three pounds of boiled honey, two pounds of sugar, one-half of a pound of lard, four eggs, three-fourths of a quart of milk, spices, one ounce of ammonia; add enough soft flour and one ounce of baking powder to make a dough like molasses cakes.

Thick Honey Cake

Grind fine one-half of an ounce of ammonia with the yolk of one egg; work well into ten pounds of stock dough; roll out one-half of an inch thick, prick well with a fork, wash with milk, and lay on top blanched almonds, split in halves. Bake on heavy pans, well dusted with common flour. Bake slowly and cut in square pieces. Add cinnamon and a little caraway to the dough.

Swiss Honey Cakes (Basler Leckerle)

Four pounds of honey (boiled), two pounds of brown sugar, one-half of a pound of orangeade, two pounds of citron, two pounds of sweet almonds (all chopped fine); nutmeg, spices, the juice and grated rind of one lemon, one-half of an ounce of ammonia or three-fourths of an ounce of potash, one-half of an ounce of soda. Pour the honey over this; add one glass of rum or kirsch water, and make with enough pastry flour into medium dough. Bake in sheets one-fifth of an inch thick on strong tins, well dusted with flour. Bake quick and frost. [frosting. - Boil three pounds of granulated sugar with one pint of water to the "thread." Rub with stiff brush a little at a time over the sheets, until it granulates or gets white.] Warm the sheets again and cut with a sharp knife in small tablets, about one and one-half inches by two and one-half inches long. Pack five in a glossy white paper, lay one on top and tie all together neatly with narrow red tape.

Macaroon-Honey Cakes

One pound of almond paste worked smooth with egg white; one pound powdered sugar, one-fourth of a pound of granulated sugar; one ounce flour, vanilla, spread with a wet knife one-third of an inch thick upon wafer sheets; dust with fine sugar, cut in cakes about two by three inches; bake in cool oven.

French Honey Cakes

Boil five pounds of honey, strain; when cooled partly, add ten or twelve pounds of flour; then add one ounce of ammonia, three pounds of sugar, two ounces cinnamon and cloves, one ounce of cardaman, nutmeg, two pounds of chopped almonds, one pound chopped orangeat, one-half pound of citran and one-half ounce of potash. Break down well, roll out one-third inch thick cut with round cutter large, bake and set in drying oven to make brittle. Ice one half of top white, the other half with chocolate.

Parisian Honey Cakes

One and one-half pounds of almond paste with ten eggs, one and one-fourth pounds of sugar, one pound of flour, one-fourth pound of shreded almonds, one-half pound of citron, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon; spread upon wafer sheets, cut three by one and three-fourth inches, a slice of citron on top of each.

Braunschweiger Honey Cakes

Six pounds of honey, boiled, let cool; mix with sufficient flour to soft dough; two ounces of potash Stir one pound of sugar with ten eggs, vanilla, cardamon, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, each one fourth of a pound; chopped almonds, citron, orangeat; mix all well with above dough; bake a small sample first; if rot light enough, add a little ammonia. Roll out one fourth of an inch thick, cut in bars about three by one and three-fourth inches; bake upon flour dusted pans. Ice with thin vanilla egg icing, with a little water and cornstarch added. Lay a slice of citron in center and put in oven a second to give gloss.